Mario Kart Tour is a racing game set in the Mushroom Kingdom. All our favorite heroes and heroines, from the Italian plumber to Princess Daisy and Yoshi, return to the tracks once more. And this time, things are about to get serious...  

Graphics and Sound 9/10

Explosive, flashy, vivid — that’s what the MKT’s visuals are. Mario Kart dictates a nice, sometimes violent tempo that’s capable of giving vertigo. As you push the pedal to the metal, expect the tracks to turn into a fast-moving, higgledy-piggledy mess.

Speaking of tracks, there’s a good bunch of them. You’ll race through a circuit similar to one of those from F1. There will be a giant amusement park run by Waluigi. In Paris, floating balloons will trumpet your triumph, as you make the rivals behind eat dust. And Tokyo will blind you with its flashing lights. 

Controls 8/10

On both Android and IOS controls are gyroscope-based. That means you need to tilt your phone or tablet to maneuver the kart. It’s a cool way to compete and you can perform some impressive drifting. Although, some find it challenging. So, you can switch to touchscreen controls and also enable the Smart Steering.  

Gameplay 8/10

The objective is simple: make the engine roar. You must beat other racers and make it to the finishing line first. Remember: you will race against the real competitors. And the more victories you snatch, the higher your position in leader boards will be.

Winning races is also a good way to earn a bunch of Rubies — the premium currency. They are cardinal if you want to pimp your ride, unlock new locales and add more characters to your collection. Sadly, the game is pretty meager at giving out those.

All in all, there are 30+ characters to get:

  • Baby Mario.
  • Koopa Troopa.
  • Dry Bones.
  • Toadette.
  • Pauline.
  • Dry Bowser.
  • Warrior, etc.

Each of them has a unique talent you can use to prevail. For example. Mario is armed with a boomerang that can strike opponents. Shy Guy can explode rivals with two Bob-ombs. Rosalina has an insane speed boost and Bowser can scatter racers with his own shell. 

Lasting Appeal 7/10

Mario Kart Tour is mighty fun. It has a very energetic, at times berserk tempo and challenging tracks. Almost every significant character from Mario universe is here. And, to an extent, the game can compete in optic grandeur with MK games for Switch.

Playing with real people is also a plus, as you can write your nickname in the game’s hall of fame. At the same time, MKT goes a bit heavy on in-app purchases. Without having a ruby or two to spare on upgrades, you risk lingering at the rear of the race often. And certain characters can only be purchased.


Despite its avarice, Mario Kart Tour is one of the top mobile racing games. It has enough action to make your wheels hot. It offers stellar visuals. And the thrill of a race never loses its adrenaline flavor. (Unless you deal with a paywall).








Lasting Appeal

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