Fortnite Battle Royale is a super challenging PVP for 100 players. You have to team up with other participants and fight against enemies, to be the last standing player in this battle royale.

Graphics and Sound 10/10

Vivid colors in the game will catch your attention from the first sight. You have plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of the world while you are being dropped down from a flying bus together with other players. The sounds on the background are so real that you can feel yourself falling from this bus, deafened by air streams.

Unlike many other similar games, you drop onto a colorful and amazing island, instead of realistic boring landscapes. There are many small cities on the island, and each of them unique, with different structures inside.

Controls 9/10

Before you achieve the highest level in the game, you’ll have to learn dozens of commands. Without keyboards or buttons, the mobile version requires some skills with HUD. Control Mode and Build Mode are separated. Use 1-12 buttons to control your character, shoot, move, jump, crouch, open map.

Recommended Touch Sensitivity is 0.60. Touch Targeting Sensitivity is 0.80. Lower Touch Scope Sensitivity to 0.60 to make navigation easier to run and shoot. Meanwhile, the building will be harder. You may want to add extra buttons to the screen as hotkeys while you are building.

Gameplay 10/10

Fortnite Battle Royale was a shooter, which evolved into battle royale, one of the most popular modern game genres. It kept the tender feelings towards a weapon. It also contains standard survivals’ signs. You are starting the game by falling from the bus in the skies together with other players, whose number could be up to 100 including you.

You have only five slots you need to feel with the best weapon against your competitors and healing stuff. Build a winning strategy and resist the inner urge to pick things you potentially will need. Find the weapon you like and act.

There is another option for you if you are tired of shooting. You can try yourself in the building. The material is easy to find since it is everywhere. Steel, wood or stones are good enough to create floor, walls, and roof. It will take time to learn how to build gigantic fortresses like others have.

Lasting Appeal 10/10

There are literally dozens of solutions for each problem in this game. Fortnite Battle Royale can be limited only by your own imagination. This is what makes the game so great, but also leaves some players frustrated, especially on the low levels.

Prepare to months of explorations, and desire to come back to the game as soon as possible. It does not actually feel like you lost even when you die. It is a strange phenomenon, but you feel like you finally know what went wrong and how to change the situation after each death. The good thing is that there are barely 60 seconds period before your death and reappearance.


Fortnite Battle Royale does not look like hundreds of other battle royales we get used to. It is fresh, with beautiful landscapes around, real believable sounds, great arsenal, and advanced building mod. It is worth every hour you spend in the game.

Fortnite offers you unique tools, complete freedom of actions and ability to express your creative side in managing your own play style.








Lasting Appeal

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