TikTok is an extremely popular social media platform that allows you to share your life with your friends by shooting short videos with lots of possible filters and masks. Here you can invent, share – or discover various content made by other users.

Design and Usability 8/10

The design of the app is rather intuitive. TikTok makes full use of your phone’s screen, allowing users to shoot vertical videos – that’s right, every video in TikTok is vertical, and they look surprisingly good and fresh. Anyway, your camera image dominates the screen, leaving only some place in the bottom for main features. That means those features are always readily accessible – you can activate search engine or switch to managing your settings with just one tap – but don’t stand in the way of your creativity. All in all, TikTok is extremely easy to use, and you can shoot a cool video in about a minute.

Key Functions 10/10

The main feature of TikTok is its focus on creating short videos that allow you to share some particular moment of your life with others. You don’t have to put too much effort in them – do something and add a music track. The music library is huge, and the most popular songs get added very quickly, so you can always use them legally on your videos. There is also an option to add all kinds of masks or filters, add captions, edit your videos with built-in tools, and so on. This variety of minor features allows you to create rather complex videos – if you have enough creativity.

However, if you don’t feel like shooting anything or just want to unwind, TikTok still has a lot to offer. The app has a personalized video feed that filters millions of videos to find only the most relevant ones. TikTok has all kinds of content, so whatever your interests are, you can always find something to look at. The list includes sports and comedy channels, funny music videos, DIY and food sections, or pretty exotic things like ASMR or satisfying compilations. TikTok is suitable for all ages, and there are enough social features to feel truly connected to your friends.

Security & App Purchases 7/10

TikTok claims to protect your data from unauthorized access. However, we’re aware of at least two big security issues involving the app. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use TikTok at all, just don’t trust the app too much. The app also features a couple of paid options that can be used to send virtual gifts to all of your friends – but this works both ways, and you can earn money for being popular.


TikTok is a great way to express yourself while having a lot of fun. You can do whatever you want, and there are also all kinds of options to make sure your videos will be beautiful and original.


Design and Usability


Key Functions



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  • I saw tic tok and decided to download which is fast and easy
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