Viber Messenger is a free and popular mobile messaging app that allows you to chat with your friends or talk to them via high-quality video and audio calls. Viber has been around for a while already, but it still remains one of the most convenient and functional messengers out there.

Design and Usability 8/10

Viber was released almost ten years ago, and while the app has seen many improvements and important updates since the original release, it feels a little bit outdated nowadays. However, the design is simply great. All of your chats are displayed right on the main screen, so you can instantly find the person you want to talk to and start chatting right away. There’s also a search bar that allows you to look for people by their names or numbers. Other options are neatly packed into a small menu on the bottom – you can use it to access audio and video calls, look for communities, customize your account, and so on. That’s exactly why I enjoy using Viber – every feature is always a tap away, but they don’t distract you.

Key Functions 10/10

Viber may seem like a simple messenger, but it has a variety of additional features. First of all, you can use the app to make high-quality audio and video calls. These calls are completely free, and there’s also an option to invite multiple users into your calls, allowing you to use Viber for conferences. Moreover, you can use the app to share all kinds of documents, including photos and videos. There are also lots of stickers and funny emojis for you to discover and use in your chats.

Viber also provides you with an option to call landlines directly from the app – but it’s not free, so you have to purchase a subscription.

Security & App Purchases 8/10

Viber claims to care about its users’ security, and it seems to be true – well, to some extent. The app has end-to-end encryption algorithms that make sure your one-on-one chats are effectively protected. Every message you send through Viber gets encrypted, so even the app itself can’t access it. This means Viber is suitable for discussing even the most peculiar matters. You can also set a timer for your messages – it will destroy every message automatically after that message gets read. This way you won’t worry about any possible consequences of your words.

While Viber is free to download, some of its features are not free. The list of options you have to buy is rather huge, and it includes premium stickers, the option to call landlines, advertising features, and a lot of others. So be cautious not to purchase a feature you don’t really need.


Viber is a simple and reliable messenger that offers you free chats, high-quality calls, options to send or receive files, and many other features – and all of this involves advanced security protocols.


Design and Usability


Key Functions



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