Couples Yoga is an application developed by VOODOO. Couples Yoga was first published on May 18, 2021. Couples Yoga is currently available on Android.


If you are a proud owner of the Android device, Couples Yoga is compatible 5.1 and up. The most current version is 1.3.8 Before getting Couples Yoga consider content rating:

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Couples Yoga requires 75M of free space on your mobile. App’s success is proven by 500000+ downloads.

Couples Yoga is a fun game where you shape a duo into challenging poses!

Enjoy the yogis' puppet-like behaviour as you move their arms and legs into the correct yoga positions shown in the top corner. Enjoy the sounds of the water and environment as you have fun posing the fitness couple. In the initial levels, you'll have to exercise your posing abilities by only controlling one yogi. Once you've proved you're a master of posing one yogi, you'll move onto the challenging but fun task of posing a yoga couple! As you progress, the poses get more difficult and some gym equipment will be introduced to spice things up. Finding the balance is the key to solving the level!
Namaste, have fun, and enjoy this relaxing experience.





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