Hello Neighbor is a horror adventure mixed with puzzle and survival genre that offers you to explore your Neighbor’s house. The Hello Neighbor was created by tinyBuild and is the first game in the series. The game was originally created for PC, but later the Android version appeared. You can join over 10 million players around the world and download it on your smartphone from Google Play Store.

Graphics and Sound 9/10

Hello Neighbor is bright and colorful. It reminds you of puzzles and adventure games. Even inside a Neighbor’s house, everything looks extremely cheerful. It is luring you into going deeper and lulls your attention until the Neighbor catches you. This peaceful atmosphere is tricky, and you can’t rely on it. However, many critics claim that the original PC version has much better graphics with colors even brighter. We can’t help but notice that there is a lack of details in these graphics. The house looks empty.

Controls 9/10

While you will learn in several minutes how to navigate the main character, there are minor glitches that may spoil the fun. For example, if you want to drag an object, you have to move the whole camera. This may change your angle of view, and you will not notice the Neighbor behind you. Don’t count on your guts when it comes to run away from smart AI. You have to watch your back constantly. And if you pass mirrors, remember to take a look in them, as your Neighbor may be somewhere close.

Gameplay 10/10

Hello Neighbor has impressive gameplay. It offers you a well-developed story full of thoughtful questions and answers that will be uncovered step by step. Although at first, it may look like empty suspicions of one boy, the deeper you go, the more fascinating details you receive that will gather in one big story after a while.

The game is divided into three acts. The first act is free of charge. However, it ends at the most intriguing moment. You play a main character from the first-person perspective. Your goal is to get into the house of your weird Neighbor, which everyone considers as perfectly find. However, you suspect that there is something wrong going on in his basement. You get into the house and find out that the basement is locked, and you have to find several keys. This is how you begin to explore his house. After being caught by the Neighbor in the basement at the end of the first act, you have to continue to the next one. On the 2nd, you hear the story about his family and understand him better. In the 3rd act, you are an adult who remembers his past and what happened in the house.

Lasting Appeal 8/10

Hello Neighbor does not have high replay value. After you uncover all the secrets and mysteries of the house and its dweller, you will unlikely go back there. You can still improve your scores or continue exploring the house. Perhaps there are some memories you missed, some puzzles you left unsolved.


Hello Neighbor is an entertaining game. It was created as a horror game that looks too cheerful for its genre. The game does not send you spooks, but rather makes you think about scarier and way realistic problems of modern society.








Lasting Appeal

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