Skype is one of the most popular video conferencing services that was one of the first to offer its users unlimited and free video calls. The app also features free chats and video calls, and while it feels a little bit outdated when compared to other similar apps, it’s still a great choice and a sort of standard app for remote video conferences.

Design and Usability 8/10

Skype has seen a lot of improvements since its original release, and nowadays, it looks quite modern. Its mobile interface is as simple as possible, and there are no unnecessary features – you can install the app and start messaging right away. The mobile Skype version is divided into a few tabs, and each of them contains a basic feature: there are a separate tab for your current chats, recent video calls, contacts, and so on. All in all, everything about Skype’s design is okay, but its blue color scheme feels a little bland – that makes the app look just a bit outdated, despite every other improvement.

Key Functions 9/10

Back in the day, Skype was widely known as an app that revolutionized the entire video calls industry – it was one of the first platforms to introduce free video conferencing via Internet connection. Today it’s a common feature for similar apps, but Skype still remains a popular and widely known app for remote communication. It supports video conferences with up to 24 participants, and the quality of these video calls is pretty high.

Skype can also be used as a messenger, and its chats have enough interesting features, including polls, a variety of stickers and emojis, an option to schedule events right from the app, and so on. There’s also an option to share files with your contacts, and you can even send SMS messages via Skype – a useless feature for a mobile app, but still a feature. And if you like calling people but don’t want to be seen, the app has pretty high-quality voice calls, too.

Security & App Purchases 8/10

Skype is completely free, and that’s one of its greatest features. Everybody uses it, so you can use it for calling just about everybody, including your colleagues and relatives. However, there are many options that require that you pay for them. The list of paid options includes direct calls to landlines, a dedicated US phone number for your calls, SMS messages, etc. These options are in no way promoted, and you can use the app without them just great. But they make Skype a great option for commercial use.


Skype may have been around for a while, but it still remains an incredibly popular and useful app with a variety of powerful features. Skype features high-quality video and audio calls but can also be used as a simple messenger. And it’s still a great option for every business user – thanks to the app’s variety of paid options.


Design and Usability


Key Functions



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