Roblox is an online sandbox game, in which you can also enjoy a gameplay variety. As a constellation of genres, Roblox offers stealth, shooters, battle royale, detective mysteries, simulators, and so on.

Graphics and Sound 8/10

Roblox was obviously inspired by Lego. It’s an impression it makes, once you see the game’s universe composed of iconic blocky studs and Lego-like munchkins. But this art style is great know-how, actually.

First, Roblox isn’t too demanding when it comes to specs. For a massive game, it has a humble size of 91 MB. And it smoothly runs on older devices, powered by Android Lollipop and Marshmallow. 

Second, these look perfectly chaperon the wacky gameplay. Roblox is composed of messy adventures, strange jokes, bizarre settings and scenarios. So, think of it as a classic Lego toy that came to life and somehow constructs itself.      

Controls 9/10

Controls depend on which of the Roblox game you’re playing. Each may have different mechanics and buttons. So, it’d be wise to stick to popular games and modes, as they are more likely community-tested.

Besides, pay attention to the game’s description and tags. Some of them were created with PC players in mind. That means their mechanics aren’t adapted to smartphones. As a result, instead of an enjoyable time you risk dealing with lots of drama. 

Gameplay 10/10

Roblox has no general gameplay. Instead, there’s a myriad of different titles and genres. You can fight for your life in Apocalypse Rising. Try yourself at being Sherlock and a local sheriff at the same time, protecting innocent and trying to figure out who the murderer really is in Murder Mystery 2. 

Or, if you have a business itch, why not manage an amusement park in Theme Park Tycoon 2? In case you dabble as an escape artist, Jailbreak is a perfect game for that mastery. And if simulators are your weakness — Pizza Parlor, Bee Swarm Simulator and Hide and Seek Extreme are waiting. 

Lasting Appeal 9/10

Roblox is a true gem. Its variety of genres is astonishing. Hilarious and challenging, weird and brain-twisting, humorous and spooky — Roblox never fails to deliver a good time. Its game treasury is coupled with a real-time chat — a splendid way to keep your sanity intact while in quarantine.

At the same time, you can try your hand at game design. Roblox is one giant sandbox. Here you can use its decorations, skins and effects to author your own adventure. It can be a serious title, parody, original genre or a fandom-inspired game like Pokémon Brickbronze.  

You don’t need to be a skilled coder/visual artist to do that: Roblox has everything you need. But designing your own character, weapon and vehicle models isn’t forbidden either.


Roblox is a prime candidate for the Best Quarantine Game of the year. It has everything you need to keep boredom at bay: from a caboodle of free games to an intuitive and easy-to-master game design studio. As well as 100 million players online.








Lasting Appeal

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