Netflix is a video-streaming app, which provides access to hundreds of movies and shows. It features a ton of popular and iconic programs and flicks that you can watch non-stop after subscribing. Since the dawn of the Quarantine era, Netflix has been there to keep us company. 

Design and Usability 7/10

Netflix’s layout s basically a hub with movie and TV show posters. Nothing complicated really: simply tap one of them and wait until buffering is over. And then binge-watching can begin!

However, due to increased demand, Netflix’s servers are going through rough times. While less popular stuff can be streamed normally, top titles such as Black Mirror can unpleasantly surprise you with stutters and sporadic pausing.

Payment options could use some improvement too. At the moment, it has no UPI payments and accepts only bank cards. And since billing is automatic and happens every month, your account may be frozen if you have insufficient funds.  

Key Functions 9/10

Netflix is all about watching shows. Its catalog is remarkable and can easily compete with the best of the cable channels. They are sorted by genre categories: drama, comedy, cartoon, documentary, children & family, sports, and so on. 

If you like suspense, Stranger Things and Mr. Robot are a good choice. Comedy includes Big Bang Theory. Cartoon lovers will appreciate Rick & Morty, Disenchantment and Love, Death & Robots. And for the younger viewers, you can stream Ninja Turtles: Next Mutation or Kid-E-Cats.

Besides, with Netflix, you can choose stream quality and economize your traffic. Via Allowed Shows you can control stuff that your kids can watch. With My List, you may gather a favorite show library with up to 500 titles. And of course Show Download — that is if you’re stuck somewhere with no signal. But can’t afford to miss another dose of Silver Spoon. 

Security & App Purchases 6/10

Netflix doesn’t seem like an app that can jeopardize your private info. As half a billion people pay for its show catalog, your credit card credentials are in good hands. (Seemingly). 

As for payments, Netflix offers three plans:

  • Basic. Cross-platform support, unlimited shows, but no HD.
  • Standard. HD and 2 screens to watch stuff at the same time.
  • Premium. Everything mentioned above + Ultra HD and 4 screens allowed.  

Prices range from $9 to $16, which is humbler than what Xfinity or Spectrum offers. And if you’re not sure if Netflix is a good investment opportunity, you can try a month of it for free. 


At the moment, Netflix is one of a kind app. Unlike its rivals, it has a caboodle of premium quality shows that will be delivered to you at a small price. It may have a bunch of glitches and a dubious PR policy. But so far, no one else can provide such a fine blend of flicks and shows that cheaply. 


Design and Usability


Key Functions



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