PowerPoint is a famous tool that allows turning your ideas into a pleasant and logical visual narrative. Its mobile analog isn’t any worse than the original desktop PP. And producing, editing and sharing presentations on the go is actually a sweet concept.

Design and Usability 10/10

The app has a finicky interface. It’s separated into pages, each of which is responsible for a certain funky function. On one page you can select a template, font, color choices and other elements that form a slideshow.

On another page, you get a whole batch of sharing options. Add a Place allows you to safely store and transfer your masterpieces via the likes of OneDrive, NetDocuments, etc. It’s fairly easy to design a presentation: intuitive navigation and familiar tools are disgustingly easy to master.   

Key Functions 10/10

PowerPoint has a whopping download rate — 1 billion. So why is it outrageously popular? Because it’s the same old PowerPoint you used back in school to present your ancestral legacy. Only it’s mobile and has cloud support.

There are various templates to pick from: Gallery, Madison, Wood Type, Atlas. Each one has a unique visual appeal to deliver your vision and message. You can experiment with fonts, use highlighting markers, cursive and bold. As well as pen and eraser.

To make your slideshow more vivid, you can add your own pics, GIFs and even videos in MP4. They can be pulled directly from your phone’s gallery. Or from the likes of Dropbox if you have none with you.

Speaking of cloud services, there’s a hole squadron of them:

  • Workplace, 
  • SyncPlicity,
  • MyWorkDrive,
  • OneDrive Personal & Business, etc.

To add some finishing touches, PP offers some cool transition effects and smooth animations. There aren’t too many of those. But with due diligence, you can squeeze a lot from PowerPoint’s potential.  

Finally, it’s a great collaboration platform. Upon sharing your creation with a colleague or partner, you can give them editing rights. Staying true to its on-the-go concept, PP Mobile will contribute to your teamwork prowess and quality of joint efforts. 

Security & App Purchases 8/10

As it’s a cooperative app, you need to be careful about whom you allow previewing and editing your slideshows. As for the rest, PowerPoint doesn’t seem like an app that can compromise your work or online security.

Sadly, all its goodness isn’t free. To sculpt your creative vision with PP’s help, you will need a subscription to Microsoft Office 365. In other words, it’s a monthly payment of $9.99 or a hundred bucks a year. But if you’re impatient, you can try it for one month. Free of charge.  


PowerPoint is still at the top of the slideshow game. Now you can use on your pocket gizmo and do some alchemy with its brand-new templates and effects. As well as, easily collaborate on a joint project. Even if your partner is 1,000 miles away.


Design and Usability


Key Functions



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