Microsoft Outlook is a powerful tool that will be in charge of all your emails. As an app designed for white collars, it also has a bunch of nifty organizational features. Event scheduling and team coordination are two of those.

Design and Usability 8/10

Just like lasagna, Outlook’s GUI has multiple layers. The central part is the ribbon menu with categories. Each one allows for managing a specific work aspect. Inbox is where the correspondence kept, sorted and forwarded. 

Schedules let you hone the time-management skills. And on the left, some icons allow using various services: from Gmail to MS Office. Although quite beneficial, it all makes Outlook resemble a bloated balloon. But at least you get a Dark Mode. 

Key Functions 10/10

If you struggle with chaos and clutter in your inbox — Outlook will help reorganize it. Place the important emails first. Less serious messages can go to the app’s backyard. And spam will be securely filtered. (And incinerated if you please).

The best part, no cap, is the MS Office integration. You can benefit from using PowerPoint, MS Word, Excel for making smarty-pants spreadsheets and OneNote. With such a tool roster, your email will turn into a whole lab where you can produce and edit projects on the go.

Scheduling is also a yes-yes with Outlook. You can set a date for a meeting and add participants. Then, you can spread the word via email among them. And when the time is due — the app will remind that it’s time for action.  

Skype integration is also a plus. You can instantly discuss a burning issue face-to-face in just one tap. Fewer delays and better ream coordination — something you can’t sleep on! AI has also made it to the party. As of now, it learns to separate wheat from chaff and filter out useless emails.

Security & App Purchases 7/10

Outlook vouches for your safety online. There’s a built-in protection against spamming and malware. If you worry about your email being intercepted, there’s a button that will make them encrypted. That means, it’s only the recipient who can read them.

The app itself is free. But its nifty services aren’t. To squeeze it all out of Outlook, you will need either Microsoft 365 or MS Office 365 subscription. Prices for them vary from $6.99 to $9.99 per month. (Home & Student package doesn’t include Outlook). 

But the most tempting offer is Outlook for $2. If you’re within the US and have an AT&T sim-card, then for just 2 bucks Outlook will throw in all of its feature wealth.


Microsoft Outlook is more than just an email workhorse. Apart from handling your letters, it is also a hub to store biz-related materials, files and calendars. With it, you can schedule anything — from an idea-sharing meeting to a surprise office party. And team-leading becomes a charm with its communication tools.   


Design and Usability


Key Functions



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