Capital One Mobile is a banking app created for Capital One users. The app allows you to check your accounts quickly, transfer money, pay for services, using only your mobile phone. Capital One Services LLC created the app. It requires a 6.0 Android system or later, and at least 88M of space. The app was downloaded over 10 million times from Google Play Store.

Design and Usability 10/10

White and Blue are the primary colors of Capital One Corporation, so it is only natural that app users will see much of these colors in the app. Capital One Mobile app has a stylish design with a user-friendly interface. You will not get lost in this app even if this is the first time you decided to use Capital One services on your mobile. Everything is divided into categories and highlighted visually. All the main tools which you might need during your work are right in front of you. While the icons are not signed, they are understandable. These icons are common for almost all apps on your phone, so you have to learn them only one time to understand everything.

Key Functions 10/10

The main idea behind this app is to let you use all your favorite bank services using only the phone. You already have your bank cards connected to the app and can perform all the operations you need. Besides, you can enjoy such features:

  • Make your experience in the bank more personal by adding the photo and picking up the name you want to be greeted by;
  • Check out your current balance;
  • Pay all the bills you need or transfer money to your friends and family;
  •  Check out the history of your money transfers;
  • Monitor the credit score without the need to pay for extra services;
  • Receive the instant notification whenever you get the money on the account;
  • You can receive the information about the purchases made with your card;
  •  All the checks can be printed and save if you need them;
  • You may pay for your home or auto loans;
  • In case you feel that the card was used by someone else, you can immediately report it and freeze your account.

Security & App Purchases 10/10

Capital One Mobile is a banking app, which means you receive extra security from the bank itself. The company promises to take care of your personal information and don’t transfer it to anyone unless you ask for it yourself. There are extra measures you can take if you still feel insecure about privacy. Capital One Mobile app is free of charge. You don’t need to pay anything to use its services. And unlike many similar apps, this one does not contain annoying ads that may distract you.


Design and Usability


Key Functions



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