Instagram is a social platform where people share life stories, memes, ideas, impressions or pics from the last trip to Monteverde. With a rich palette of beautification tools, Stories, and interesting pages to follow, Instagram is the chicest social media out there. 

Design and Usability 9/10

Stylish, but laconic, Instagram’s interface allows exploring its glamorous universe with just a  few taps. On the start page, you get to see Stories from your friends or pages you follow. Along with your own Story.

There are buttons that let you snap a quick selfie. And below you have a panel via which you can explore the latest hashtags, manage your friendlist, search for stuff using keywords, manage your friend/follower list, etc.

Key Functions 9/10

Instagram is all about sharing impressions. And occasionally bragging. Via its app, you can instantly post pictures for every to see and like. Or create an IG Story — a status that lasts for 24 hours. It’s a combination of a pic/video and a short text message, in which you can say something cool.

Instagram has a number of native filters. You can breathe a new life into your snaps, with these tools. Add more light, retouch skin blemishes, play with the tonality, attach a playful sticker, put a tinge of gloss, and so on. New IG filters appear every day: Which Disney? Test Kitchen Chef, Your Boyfriend Is… etc.  

Tap on an icon in the right top corner and you’ll open DMs. Tap on the magnifying glass and enter a hashtag, location or word. For example, barista. Then Instagram will recommend the hottest barista blends from Califia or Death Wish Coffee, show you a vid of a pro barista doing its alchemy and so on.  

Instagram is also a big marketplace. Here you can follow and earn benefits from your favorite brands: VS, Levi’s, Ovation, Fjällräven, Shock Top and many others. Often, they have sales, promos and gifts. Plus, you can make an order and pay for it right in the app.

Security & App Purchases 8.5/10

Instagram has issues typical for any other social network. Such unpleasantries as stalking can happen here. At the same time, there’s a bunch of protection options. You can make your profile private, disable comments or stick to friends only policy.

As for money, about 150 million users buy stuff through IG mobile. So, it’s pretty risk-free, considering that no major financial security breaches have been spotted so far.

Instagram doesn’t charge any fees for its regular features. You can post as often and surf as much as you only want. The only thing that costs money here is advertising. But unless you’re running a Business profile, you won’t need it. (Besides, you can advertise for free using hashtags).


Instagram is a must-have if you’re in love with fashion, clothes, art, travelling and other lifestyle nuances. Plus, it’s the best place to detect the hottest trends, follow your favorite craft beer brand or get updates on when VS has the next sale. 


Design and Usability


Key Functions



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