IMO is a cross-platform messaging app that allows its users to connect in a moment. All you need is to register your profile in the service. After that, you will be able to use MSN, Skype, ICQ, and AIM services in one app. The app was created by The app received positive reviews from critics around the world. The company continues to improve its features. On Android, it was downloaded over 100 million times since released on Google Play Store.

Design and Usability 9/10

The design of IMO looks a little bit plain. The app has to compete against numerous powerful messaging apps with similar cross features. However, it still looks a little bit pale comparing to others. Perhaps it’s a working strategy that allows you to concentrate on messages and calls only instead of looking for colorful pictures, which are destroyed every second. Meanwhile, IMO is extremely intuitive. While there are no signed icons, they are familiar to everyone. The pictures are standard and easy to understand.

Key Functions 10/10

The IMO was created to give users more options when it comes to connecting to each other online. Besides, there are numerous functions of IMO that make it more popular than other similar services. Check them out before downloading the app:

  • You can send free of charge SMS. It has unlimited text amount you can send via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G;
  • The video has a high resolution, and you don’t have to worry about glitches and freezes that may occur with other apps;
  • If you don’t want to use your phone’s camera, you can make audio calls via IMO;
  • Use the group chats to send each other messages and share photos;
  • There are free of charge stickers which you can exchange with your friends;
  • If you want to send files to your friend, use the app. You can also send videos and audios;
  • Users can stay in touch with each other using various gadgets.

Security & App Purchases 9/10

The app is free of charge. It means that like many free apps, this one also contains ads. The ads may bother you from time to time, disturbing while you are using IMO. In this case, you can pay for a monthly subscription or pay for additional advanced services. However, you don’t have to pay for anything if you don’t want to. Many users say that they are not disturbed by the ads and quickly used to them. The security of IMO is protected by the company developers. If you want to improve it, you can come up with extra passwords. Since the app uses third-parties, you need to check out their policy on security as well.


Design and Usability


Key Functions



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