Gmail is an email service app. It was created by Google and launches back in 2004 as a desktop version. Due to its enormous popularity among users, Google decided to make Android and iOS mobile versions. In 2014, which is ten years later from the original release, the company launched an Android app. Developers continue to improve the app. The latest update took place in June 2020. The app is on-demand among Android users. It was downloaded over 5 billion times from Google Play Store.

Design and Usability 10/10

The design of this email app is not extraordinary or colorful. However, it is recognizable and catchy. The app is made in traditional for Gmail colors, which are bright red and white. All the icons are intuitive and well-structured. You receive access to the main tools on the panels below and above. If you need more services, you can press the Menu icon and check out all Gmail possibilities. The app works like its desktop version, so if you used it before, all you need is to log into your account. If you are new here, you can create the email, following step-by-step guidance.

Key Functions 10/10

Gmail is considered to be one of the most popular email services in the world. It runs quickly and is free of charge. However, this is not all that attracts users to Gmail. Check out its main features before you will download it on your smartphone:

  • Gmail sends you notifications about letters you receive, even if you don’t use the app right now. Don’t worry. It will not disturb you if you receive spam letters;
  • The app sorts out your letters automatically. There are separate categories for social network notifications and ads. The first you see important letters. If you want to change the category of the letter, just tap on it and pick the category you need;
  • There is a spam protection that helps you to concentrate on important things;
  • The storage is 15GB. You don’t need to delete your letters;
  • You can connect your Google account with Gmail to receive notifications on changes in your Google Docs, and so on.

Security & App Purchases 10/10

Gmail is one of the most reliable services when it comes to security. Google offers protection to all its services. Despite numerous breaches in similar apps on the market, Gmail services are hardly ever hacked. However, if you use third-parties, you may check out the level of security they can give you. Don’t risk your safety as Gmail does not offer protection for third-parties.


Design and Usability


Key Functions



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