Granny is a survival horror game that brings you to the weird dark and unfamiliar to your house with a crazy maniac named Granny. You have to run as fast as possible, but where? DVloper created the game. It was downloaded over 100 million times on Google Play Store after it was released for Android devices. All you need to have is 4.1 Android system and 100M of space.

Graphics and Sound 9/10

Granny is a truly atmospheric game. It was created as a bloodthirsty and spooky game, and it performs splendidly. You can’t deny that you feel uncomfortable from the very beginning. The granny looks like a serial killer. The sounds are over intensified, and each step echoes around the house. Granny is played by smart AI, so it knows each step, and you have to look behind constantly.

Controls 9/10

Controls are not that easy. The game was created for PC originally, and after some time Android version was released. You receive the same features and functions that have to be performed on a smaller screen with a limited number of moves. You will have to learn how to navigate it. There is a 360 degrees rotation, so you can watch yourself walking from every corner. However, some moves may distract your attention, and the next thing you see is Granny close to you.

Gameplay 10/10

The main story is well-developed up to small details. You wake up in an unknown house that is locked from inside. There is a Granny character who wants either to kill you or kill and eat you; it depends. She likes to play with you in hide-and-seek, while your main goal is to get out of there as fast as possible. You can hide under your bed or in the wardrobe. However, you can’t stay there forever. You have only five days.

There are different modes. If you are completely new to this game and have never played similar games before, you can try the mode without Granny. It will help you to explore the house and understand all your options. You may try the mode without days counting. But if you want something hard, you may try to play full speed with Granny and days count. Just remember that the more you hesitate, the quicker your end comes.

Lasting Appeal 10/10

Despite the fact that there is a plot in the game and a deadline for all your actions, it is always interesting to come back to this place. In case you love to improve your scores, try the easier or more complicated games, you can switch modes. Don’t forget to learn about the habits of Granny. Besides, it is recommended to explore each room of this scary house. Some of the rooms hide extremely dark secrets you don’t want to know.


The Granny game is not for everyone. If you don’t have strong nerves and can’t handle the atmosphere of this house, it is better to avoid this game. There are numerous, extremely scary moments. This is why children can’t get close to the game. Granny is like a well-developed nightmare with Granny as a smart AI following you step by step. You have five days to find the keys and get out of the house before being killed.








Lasting Appeal

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