AnyDesk is a useful tool created for navigating your PC and Mac devices from afar. AnyDesk Software GmbH created the app. To use this app, you have to install it on both devices and connect. After it was released, the app quickly became popular. There are desktop and mobile versions. It was downloaded over 10 million times from Google Play Store. The app is available for Android phones and tablets with a 4.4 system and later.

Design and Usability 9/10

AnyDesk requires numerous permissions for its use. It will not work without them. So, you have to enter the code on one device which was generated on another. It may be a little bit annoying, as you need to spend some time registering one device, and after that, enter the code on both devices. The design of the app looks a little bit messy. There are numerous features that can be found on the menu. The buttons are not signed. It will take some time to learn all the services that AnyDesk offers. Android version is harder than iOS. You will find control settings behind the right panel of the app.

Key Functions 10/10

The first thing you need to do is to download the AnyDesk app on your phone, and after that, on other devices, you want to connect. It will ask to go through the registration. It does not take much time. After that, you will be able to use its features:

  • Connect two devices in one simple tap. Navigate them with your phone from a distance;
  • You can even arrange the settings on your printer or install new CRM tools on a laptop;
  • Users can transfer up to 60 images in one second via the local network or through the Internet connection, which is faster than other similar apps, and way faster than using a flash driver or even downloading it from cloud storages;
  • You can perform any actions on both devices, from editing videos to installing programs and watching movies;
  • The app allows using an unlimited amount of data from two devices.

Security & App Purchases 9/10

AnyDesk app is free of charge when it comes to personal use. If you want to use advanced features and more professionally, you have to buy it. The license costs $10.99 per month. If you want to use it in a small company of people, you can buy the app for $20.99 per month, and for the big corporate services, you will have to pay $52.99 per month. Still, you can use it at home completely free of charge. Paid subscription gives you more services and improved protection.


Design and Usability


Key Functions



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