Windows 10 Next Updates: Facts and Myths

While we are waiting for two upcoming updates for Windows 10, it is time to learn more about them. Their code names are “20H1” and “19H2”. Apparently, this is the new approach Microsoft wants to try, separating feature release in two. The first is a full-fledged update with awaited features and the second is less significant, but still needed. In May 2019 the company has already released a “19H1” major update, so, perhaps “19H2” is a second minor update. But according to this logic, “20H1” is a major feature release.

The Facts About Two Updates

According to Microsoft’s releases, the “19H2” feature will bring improvements to the quality of work, and the “20H1” feature will cover wider area and be more substantive. If everything goes as usual, it is expected that Microsoft will reveal the new updates somewhere in March or April of 2020. Analysts believe that there will be more details on updates in the nearest feature. However, there is already enough information to share with you on each of them.

“19H2” Feature for Windows 10

There are two main aspects of “19H2” that many users find worth waiting for:

  • Ability to activate third-party digital assistants with a voice. The era of Cortana’s rule may be coming to an end, as the new rivals are ready to demonstrate their benefits. Alexa of Amazon is a very dangerous competitor that does not give second chances to others. Now, with the integration of the system in Windows, you can make voice orders to your laptop or PC desktop the same way you’ve done with your phone.

  • Reducing low latency ink problem. Microsoft company has announced that Windows refuses to believe that the problem with slow inking may be caused by the configuration of typical hardware, instead of device possibilities. While this conclusion is still doubtful for many experts, the new feature may come up with a working solution.

windows update window

“20H1” Features for Windows 10

The latest update released in May came up a little bit empty-handed comparing to previous features. So the audience is frustrated about the “20H1” future release. I stay optimistic, trusting that Microsoft has enough time to stuff its new update with numerous benefits. If “19H2” fixes some bugs and provides more possibilities for the next update, “20H1” has all the chances to become epic:

  • Subsystem 2 of Windows for Linux and Terminal app. Well, to be honest, the Terminal app may not be tied to this update, at least by the date of release. However, together with “20H1”, it has great potential. The subsystem for Linux 2 of Windows is an advanced version of WSL 1. This one is definitely on board of “20H1”. All the files of Linux will be accessible via Windows File Explorer.

  • Full support of Emoji 12.0. The first steps were made in the previous update of Windows 10, but in “20H1” such features as Emoji 12 are expected to be completely supported. Unicode has released the last version only recently.

  • Android notifications on Your Phone app. The app can’t completely reveal its potential mainly due to the limitations of the device, but at least now, it will be compatible with a wide range of phones, like Samsung Galaxy S10 devices, Note 8,9, One Plus 6, and 6T.

  • The Whiteboard app may be linked with Windows Ink. For years Microsoft was very creative about its drawing apps, but this one was usually ignored, mainly because it was not for business. Perhaps, Microsoft has changed its mind or saw potential in the app as it will be linked to Microsoft Whiteboard. Windows Ink will be able to perform snip or full-screen capture.

  • Windows flyout Calendar and more events. It sounds like we can forget about opening our Calendar app or Mail to see upcoming events. Now, all we have to do is add the event into the flyout Calendar in the right corner, near the Action Center option. The memorable data will pop out onto your screen. You don’t need to remember to open the Calendar to remember the date with the new update.

Months Before the Final Release

There are days, weeks and months before Microsoft will finally show us its masterpiece. While there are still tiny bits of information about “19H2” and “20H1”, I personally can’t wait to see these advantageous in action. I am also aware that not many of them will be as great as Microsoft assures us now. But let’s see.

What is the feature you are waiting for the most? Do you even use Windows 10 system on your device? I wonder if you have heard some more information on the upcoming updates? Share your thoughts here, in the comments below.

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