What's new about the App Store in iOS 13

A new iOS 13 is the next-generation operating system that will be introduced this autumn. The release date for iOS 13 is September 2019. What's new in iOS 13? Are there any really useful innovations? In this article, we're going to speak about the most useful and needed iOS service.

The App Store is an important iOS tool. With the release of iOS 13, Apple designers promise to introduce a number of major changes that could affect its usability. For today, we know about four substantial App Store changes, but Apple may be hiding some aces for the official event. So, let's look more closely at the changes we expect to receive.

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade picture

Apple Arcade is a unique gaming service provided by Apple developers. Unlike games from the App Store assortment, these games won't include in-app purchases. To get access to Apple Arcade games, you need to buy a subscription. Thanks to the cross-platform option, Apple Arcade can be used on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Apple did not make a separate application for Apple Arcade but simply built it into the App Store. The Apple Arcade tab would be placed at the bottom of the window, replacing the Updates tab. Obviously, Cupertino decided that a paid game service is of higher priority for users than quick access to updates of installed applications. Well, don't be mad at them, because the Updates option will be upgraded too.

Application Updates

Even though Apple Arcade replaced the update tab, Apple did not abandon it at all but moved it to a less visible place. Now all released updates for installed applications are available in the user profile settings section.

Due to the appearance of Apple Arcade platform, the Updates section will disappear from the main page of the App Store service. Now the section with updates will be located in your profile. To get there, you'll have to open the App Store, tap on the profile icon in the upper right corner, and then find the 'Available Updates' section in the settings.

Honestly, this decision looks quite controversial. A rather important element disappeared from the main page of the App Store, and a new place for it can become a problem for users. Yet, we believe that it's only a matter of time and we will get used to this really soon.

Downloading and uninstalling apps

Until now, it was possible to remove the installed application on iOS by holding the finger on the icon, or in the Settings option. But with the release of iOS 13, there will be more removal methods. Now you can get rid of an unnecessary application in the settings of the App Store profile. To do this, it is enough to swipe along the line with the program icon to the left and confirm the deleting.

Also, In iOS 13, Apple removed the limits for downloading content from the App Store over the cellular network. Users can download large applications using the LTE connection easily.

Night mode

Night mode in iOS 13 picture

It has finally happened! Apple added a dark interface theme to iOS, at the same time, adapting all its applications to it. The company has been tearfully asked about this for years by an uncountable number of users. And Apple did not fail.

The Night Mode will also be added to App Store for comfortable service usage at night time. You can easily activate the Night Mode using Setting or by asking Siri.

Total Summary

With all of the updates we're getting only in the App Store, we can say that Apple has surpassed themselves once again. We're looking forward to the new Apple Event and cross our fingers to get all the things they promise us to give. What do you think about the upcoming Apple presentation? Share your opinion in the comment section below!

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