Redeemer: Enhanced Edition is Coming to PC and Consoles This Summer

You can cheer for a coming release of another popular shooter video game. This time it is Redeemer: Enhanced Edition which will be available for several consoles like Microsoft Xbox, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and even PC. This enhanced version will certainly bring a lot of new features and key character capabilities boosting the whole player experience. With Redeemer, you will get a complete idea of the brutal gameplay.

Let’s remember the plot. Again you will play as Vasily – a cyber soldier who’s been working for an evil organization before. He escaped in the previous chapter and left for snowy mountains to find peace. But his violent past does not leave him alone. In a new game, he will return to fight with powerful weapons and stunning moves. You will try firearms, hammers, explosives, and, of course, the fists of charismatic Vasily. It will be true revenge with bloody and brutal scenes. The game will rush you into action, and you will start killing enemies from the first minutes. It will not allow you to waste your time.

Now we are going to crack a window and describe some of the most interesting features from our point of view. So, what does this version of the beat-’em-up game provide?

1. Diverse kill system

Redeemer: Enhanced Edition game screenshot

Your character is offered to apply three various types of kills. He will be able to destroy enemies by his own combat skills using his fists. Then he can achieve his target by tricks developing smart tactics and strategies, using a ruse. And the third way is to benefit from the environment using the objects around him against his opponents. The game is quite fast-paced and provides rich opportunities to try out various environmental takedowns. There is enough room for maneuvers, as you may see.

2. Hand-to-hand combat

As we have mentioned, wrestling is one of the ways to eliminate Vasily’s enemies. He has tons of weapons for melee fight like batons, knives, hammers, and more. But indeed, you will hardly have time to look for efficient melee weapons when you are being chased by a crowd of enemies which are rather resistant to physical attacks. Solving this situation is a matter of skills and abilities.

3. Disarm-or-dismember system

Redeemer: Enhanced Edition game screenshot

There are a lot of combat capabilities, but the most unexpected one is the ability to leave an enemy without his firearm. You can dismember some opponents and use their weapons. This is one of the coolest features which, as we think, could be inspired by the later Doom. You can boost your health thanks to killing enemies. Without efforts, you are able to recover up to 25% using this feature. For further healing, you’ll need to make context-sensitive kills and more.

4. Parry System

You are suggested to master the moves and fighting patterns of your enemies to succeed. To gain the time needed for learning, just apply a well-timed block.

5. Perks system

By overpowering, you get access to one of the 50 perks available which allow you to make your character even stronger and, ultimately, undefeatable. Each victory causes an improvement of his killing efficiency with newly obtained skills like dragon breath kicks, electro punches, and so on.

6. Co-op and single-player modes

Redeemer: Enhanced Edition game screenshot

It is so amazing to enjoy the possibilities of the game with other players – your friends or any people you invite. But if you prefer playing alone, you will be suggested to follow a narrative journey and learn a story life of the key character.

7. Leveling

In this release, your experience will become more intensive, while challenges will grow more complicated from one level to another. As you enhance your character’s battle skills, you will get to the next level, where you will not be delivered a chance at a breather. So, practice different attacks and achieve the best results enjoying the gameplay to the fullest extent.

8. Intense top-down action

Finally, we would like to highlight graphics, which is brilliant here. You are suggested a new option allowing you to see actions at bird’ s-eye view. And of course, you will be suggested to apply a rich assortment of armor.

Can’t Wait For Vasily

As you see, you will get a great number of features improving your playing experience. This game is a strong modern sample of the Brawler genre. You will face hand-to-hand combats between Vasily and an unimaginable number of opponents. The only purpose is to beat them up by punching and blasting. You are expected to master various weapons including your own fists. Even the environment will be of help.

This game is a perfect try of combining beautiful graphics, bloody action, and a touching story of life. Your warrior Vasily refused the past in favor of living as a monk but will have to change his plans and go back to show his might and braveness. The plot is really worth to be filmed. If it is, we would get a cult movie the world has never seen. Besides, you will appreciate comic book-style scenes telling the stories between levels. Well, be ready – the game is certainly addicting.

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