Newest Apps Coming to Android in June 2019

While most apps you install on your new phone have been here for long, and it seems that nothing is left to invent, life proves that wrong. There are always new apps to discover, and here is the hottest selection for June, 2019. For those playing games and making videos, concerned about privacy or keeping the shape, and for wallpaper lovers.

Tor Browser (Free)

Tor Browser app screenshots

It’s hard to imagine that the freest browser wasn’t officially released for the freest OS until 2019. But now Tor is here, and if you need to visit sites anonymously, leaving to traces on your device, your provider’s logs, or on the site itself, you’ll need that complicated onion routing, now available with Tor Browser. The rest is decent: multitab mode, history (yes), bookmarks, and all the decent browser should have. Even though Tor is often used anything but decently.

Steam Chat (Free)

steam chat google play screenshot

It may be a strange idea to chat with your Steam friends via another device while playing on your PC. On the other hand, getting notified or just chatting with your teammates wherever you go is quite good. Steam Chat has a Steam-like interface (surprise?), with communication optimized for having multiple teams and games. With this chat, you can send invitations, get notified of new events, or just talk. Steam Chat app comes with Steam emoji set.

CalorieCap (Free Basically)

CalorieCap app screenshots

We’ve seen lots of calorie counters (MyFitnessPal being not the only option), but all of them fall short at measuring homemade or restaurant food. CalorieCap gets it covered. Instead of manual searching through menus and then looking for dishes you find, you go right to the restaurant menus already optimized for energetic value search. Other data (proteins, fats, hydrocarbons and so on) is here too. Of course, the app won’t replace your self-control, but it can assist it.

Adobe Premiere Rush (Free Basically)

Adobe Premiere Rush app screenshots

Android needed a great video editor, and here it is. This video editor provides quality (like Adobe apps usually do), and its interface is based on taps, swipes and conventional gestures. It has a tutorial, but if you ever tried to edit videos, you’ll easily figure out Premiere Rush. Imagine that: three audio and four video tracks to cut your edition from, isn’t that awesome? But you must remember that the app is cloud-bound, and if your subscription expires, it becomes useless.

Betta Fish Live Wallpaper FREE

betta fish live wallpaper free google play screenshot

There’ll never be too many live wallpapers. This one is a neon-styled fish, swimming through the dense water, changing its colours, and shining brightly from the deepest black. It leaves a trail of sparks, and if you turn the phone, the parallax effect shows. Betta Fish will look especially great on AMOLED screens, but others are good for it too. Though the app is free, unlocking extra moves is not.

There will be more apps for your education and entertainment, health care and communication, social media publications or keeping aware, and so on. We might have missed some great premiere of the month, but the next time we’ll fix that.

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