Ilon Mask's Artificial Intelligence of the OpenAI company will play Dota 2 with the best team

The program, which was developed by the company OpenAI, will participate in Dota 2 The International World Championship.

The company OpenAI reported that artificial intelligence, which its engineers developed, will participate in the world championship on Dota 2. The bot, which was financed by Ilon Mask, will play at the tournament.

AI will have to fight the best gamers in this discipline. Last year, OpenAI confronted individual players in a mini-game, and, according to gamers, they themselves learned something from bots when they studied the recordings.

According to the developers, artificial intelligence can perform about a thousand different actions at any time. The bot evaluates all the possibilities and chooses the best action. The match will be held on July 28.

We've created an AI system, OpenAI Five, which has started to defeat amateur human teams. This video contains an overview of our system, some example gameplay, and professional caster Blitz's analysis of our bot, as we start to gear up for playing a professional team at this year's Dota world

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