Coming Soon: 5 WhatsApp Features to Expect

WhatsApp is an application for instant messaging. Up to now, it has been considered to be the most popular product developed for this purpose all over the world. You can talk, share textual and multimedia files for free. There are no limits for any of your actions here. The usage is so easy that any beginner will learn the way to apply this app in a couple of minutes. As to the app itself, it runs in a smooth manner and is rather consistent; that is why it can be used both for business and private messaging.


Since its launch, Facebook-owned messenger service has proved to be reliable and secure. It has been enhanced with a few features, but the updating process has never been too active. You can communicate with groups both via video calls and chats, send the conversation to any person of your contacts, send images and files of various formats like PDF, get push notifications, provide solid security by end-to-end encryption, use pop-up message boxes, and more. As of 2019, we can identify the new interesting changes which will improve in official versions to come.

1. Sharing status

There is an odor of integration covering such apps as Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. You will be able to share any status to other apps installed on the devices running with iOS and Android operating systems via Whatsapp. We are speaking about the mentioned social media for sure, but perhaps the option will be available for Gmail and Google Photos too. Developers promise this process will require your personal participation instead of automatic mode. Today you can try this feature on WhatsApp Beta. You should open the app, tap Status, choose a status update on various operating systems, and then select whether you are going to share a new or an old status by going to My status. There is even a possibility to share a certain status from multiple you have.

WhatsApp application screenshot

2. Misdelivery

If it happens that you have sent images to the wrong contact, you can remedy the situation. In a beta version of Whatsapp, you are suggested to view the recipient’s name when you write a caption for the image sent. It will be shown right below the caption at the moment you are sending content.

3.Night mode

There is trustworthy information: we will get a night mode version of WhatsApp soon. If you cannot imagine what it looks like, remember Android’s Dark Mode. That’s it! With this feature, you will be able to keep your eyes healthy and save your device battery life. And in general, such design seems to be very impressive for most folks.

4. Scanning QR codes

In addition, we are waiting for an option allowing to add contacts easily. We will be suggested just to scan those contacts’ WhatsApp QR codes. Every user of WhatsApp has a unique QR code which can be scanned and added to a contact list. This option will definitely facilitate the usage of the application.

5. Renewed album layout.

We know that WhatsApp’s version for iOS will provide a user with a new album layout. It allows to arrange multiple photos in one bubble on WhatsApp Chats and view a number of pictures the album bubble contains. Convenient features, aren’t they?

Even more benefits for you

Some of the above-mentioned options are already available. The others are coming soon while now you can hear about them from beta testers. To become one of them, you should sign up for Whatsapp’s beta program. Anyway, this news is about real things, and you can be sure to benefit from all of them in the nearest future. So, if you still do not have WhatsApp, you can download it on almost any mobile device or a computer, if you have access to 3G and 4G networks or Wi-Fi. Then enjoy its simplicity and efficiency with the set of new features.

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