Top 5 Newest Apps for iOS and Android

Both the App Store and Google Play present thousands of new app every day, making it impossible to catch up and choose what you really need. Most categories have their chart-toppers and don’t let other worthy applications to get noticed. Fortunately, my work is to explore and test apps every day, and I have some hot picks to tell you about. In this selection, you will find the best Apple news apps, the podcast app, search engine, and some other useful ones. Read on and make your life more productive!

1. Reverb LP – Market For Vintage Fans

Reverb LP screenshot

As a huge fan of retro stuff, I fell in love with this app at first sight. Reverb LP is a unique online marketplace that lets you search for rare and common vinyl records. It lets you explore the world of high and medium quality vinyl on the go and choose what you want to listen on your turntable the next weekend. If you don’t have one, but still want to touch the classics, there’s also a library of cassettes and CDs. 

The creators of the platform also understand that not all owners of retro music would like to keep it in their homes for years. That’s why they let you sell vinyl, cassettes, and CDs right through the app. But what makes it better than eBay? To answer this question, I compared prices for the same records on Reverb LP and eBay and noticed that Reverb LP lets you sell some of them much more expensive. Due to the high concentration of avid music fans on the platform, you can set price tags that really match the genuine value of every record, and people will understand your decision and respect it. Reverb LP is the best service for retro music fans and those who want to get rid of their old stuff with a benefit.

2. Pocket Casts – The Podcast Leader

Pocket Casts screenshot

Pocket Casts is one of the most popular free podcast apps Android and iOS can offer you. This application has been around for a long time already, but its most recent update has made it look and feel even better. The renovated Pocket Casts app has a brand new material design interface that makes the entire experience feel fresher. At this point, I like this app even more than the legendary default Podcasts app on Apple devices. Other awesome updates include an option to stream any podcast without subscribing to the service, change interface themes, archive episodes on the device, and discover new channels and episodes via the new discovery section. 

Now Pocket Casts fully justifies its name of the “world’s most powerful podcast application ever.” The set of features and convenience provided by the app is way ahead of all the competitors. Even those alternatives that have the same selection of channels and episodes can’t beat Pocket Casts when it comes to usability and accessibility. Even if you don’t listen to podcasts, this app will make you fall in love with this activity. Moreover, it’s totally free!

3. Opera Touch – Risen from Ashes 

Opera Touch screenshot

Before the first iPhones and Androids conquered the entire market of mobile devices, the most popular phones were Nokias and Samsungs. And most power users of those great devices downloaded Opera Mobile browsers to surf the web as it was the most convenient solution. Today, this legendary browser has too many competitors to hold absolute mobile leadership, but it’s still a unique and very exciting app. 

The new version of Opera Mobile is called Opera Touch, and to me, it looks like a perfect future browser. This app presents a brand new browsing experience with improved search algorithms that involve QR and barcode scanning right from the search bar. Besides, you can use it to exchange files between one or several computers through the Flow section. The next notable difference from Safari, Google Chrome, Edge, and Mozilla is the ability to manage the favorites tab screen faster. It also includes a Fast Action button that lets you easily operate the browser with one hand, independently from the screen size. Opera Touch has reinvented mobile browsing! 

4. Social Call – Remember to Call

Social Call screenshot

The fuss of everyday life makes it so hard to remember to call your old parents, your good auntie who lives in the country, or your best friend from school. As for me, that makes my heart hurt. Fortunately, there’s a way to change the situation with the Social Call app. This simple calling application has a common Favorites section that lets you add the most important contacts. But what makes it really better than other calling apps is the ability to set reminders for each contact on the list. Due to this easy feature, you will avoid forgetting about people who really matter to you but leave far away. 

Social Call is an indie project that’s still in development, so I can’t wait to see the new features soon. Hopefully, the developer will add an option to sync the app with Google Calendar and other services, such as Trello, Slack, and other popular ones. I also tried to automate some actions on the app with the IFTTT automation service to get the most out of the app.

5. Masse – For Unbiased Purchases

Masse screenshot

Masse app for iPhone and Android is a brand new peer-to-peer platform that’s designed to recommend various goods on a non-promotional basis. It means that it doesn’t offer you something just because some brands pay to its developer. The whole thing is different. Masse algorithms gather recommendations based on sales, reviews of owners, and your search behavior. As a result, you get only the most relevant products in your feed, which lets you make an unbiased choice and buy something without being affected by the marketing tricks of large brands. 

Stay Tuned

This 5-app selection is still just a small chunk of what I want to offer to you, so stay tuned to catch new reviews every day or explore the site to read the previous ones. My selections are made to help you make the right app choices for your daily chores, business, and leisure. Do you know any alternatives to the 5 apps above? Or maybe you want to add something important to the list? You can contribute via the comments section below and by sharing this and other articles on the website with your friends.

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