New Video Game Releases of January 2020

Despite global warming, Northern winters are still cold enough to spend more time on gaming. Let your coolers protect your CPUs and GPUs, and the radiators deliver you some heat, no matter if it’s a console or a PC. And we’ll see what the end of January brings. There are definitely some releases to get you warmer.

Soccer, Tactics and Glory

Soccer, Tactics and Glory game picture

It’s one of the most unusual football simulators ever. Instead of playing in real time and controlling the player with the ball, this one uses turn-based action, the field being split into tiles like, say, a chessboard. The game combines elements of sports sim and strategy. Of course, it doesn’t feature famous players or clubs: it would require a license an indie developer Creoteam can’t afford.

If you’re searching for realism in the gameplay, you better look back at FIFA or PES series. This one offers quite an original, standalone approach. It also uses some RPG elements, as you create your character yourself and power up his skills as you proceed.

Soccer, Tactics and Glory will be released for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch simultaneously, while it’s been on Steam since June 2018. In countries where soccer is the default football version (that is, most of them), it will be released as Football, Tactics and Glory.

Foxyland 2

Foxyland 2 game picture

It’s a new platformer about a couple of foxes, rescuing their children who were kidnapped by Wolfie brothers. A good old-school adventure is a perfect family game due to local multiplayer support. The game is available for most modern consoles and for PS Vita too.

The first installment of the series, developed by an indie studio Ratalaika, was a hit due to its well-balanced mechanics combined with family-oriented story, as well as in the second game. If you are in search of games connecting people, Foxyland 2 is one.


Lumini game picture

Finally, this beautiful space adventure by Speelbars is released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! Being already popular on Steam, it went beyond PC, as well as you go beyond the Earth in this neon-colored space fiery. It’s a restful, sort of meditative game to enjoy when you want to focus off your everyday life.

The story of a space swarm of colorful sparks travelling across the Universe is as abstract as can be. At the same time, it’s extremely spectacular. Shining is the word: while travelling, you explore lots of planets and asteroids, and, being all different, they are all equally enthralling. If you have your console wired to an OLED TV, providing space deep black color, you’ll get the most pleasure out of Lumini, with its night dark vision.

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC game picture

The project by Disney and Square Enix is quite popular due to its great support. The new DLC delivers a new story, a quest of Sora on his way to rescue Kairi that includes lots of battles. There are 13 bosses alone, along with regular NPC to come through. In addition, the pack brings the new premium menu and features like slideshow or data greeting.

To enjoy this story, you have to have the original game purchased and installed. If you are a fan of Disney and Pixar and suddenly are unaware of such a game, it’s time you correct this mistake. It’s a journey through animated world of these two studios (no, Lucasfilm and Marvel, also run by Disney, are not in). And if anyone thought Donald Duck and Goofy belonged in the past, as they hadn’t have feature-length movies recently, there’s a big surprise.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners game picture

The famous comic book series is over; and while the TV shows are slowly getting zombified too, the games are the best element of the franchise. It offers the most immersive vision of the zombie apocalypse due to VR technology. Provide enough space in the middle of your room; the game is realistic enough to make you want to physically jump off.

This VR game is released simultaneously on PC and PS VR. It’s compatible with PS peripherals as well as all mainstream headsets for PC, like those by HTC and Oculus. Like most VR games, it seems a little boring. But if you put the experience first, that won’t be much of a problem.


Balthazar’s Dream game picture

Other games released this week will include:

  • EarthNight. It’s a rogue-like runner, combining the best of two genres, set in space and available for PS4 only. Its unique feature is complicated controls you have to master before you succeed.
  • War Theatre: Blood of Winter is released for PS4. Like previous installments, it combines RPG and TBS elements. You better try the game, as it’s free-to-start.
  • Balthazar’s Dream is finally released for PS4. This mystical and sad platformer about a boy in a coma and a dog struggling for the boy’s life against ghosts is already a hit, despite short gameplay time.
  • Worlds of Magic: Planar Conquest is released for Nintendo Switch. It’s not a casual game, made for fans, but if you like unusual turn-based strategies, you might like it.
  • Praetorians – HD Remaster. The famous strategy from 2003 is now remastered in HQ, so you can found your Roman Empire in more detail and on new hardware, with no compatibility issues.
  • Commandos 2 – HD Remaster. It’s another famous game from the early 2000s remastered for better visuals and better compatibility. The original gameplay, though, is preserved intact.
  • Shadow Legend VR makes it to PlayStation VR. It’s been around on PC for some time, so it must be richer in content now.
  • Orn: The Tiny Forest Sprite is now on Nintendo Switch. This game has also been available for a while on PC, but now you can play it with JoyCons.
  • Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath is reissued for Nintendo Switch, now in HD. Great to see so many games revamped visually, with their gameplay and feel preserved.

The Conclusion: Remakes Prevail

As you can see, January releases include many remakes, expansion packs, VR takes, and sequels. Even the original games presented this week have already been around on some platforms, now hitting others. But it’s alright: there doesn’t have to be a weeklr pack of AAA titles.

Which of these do you expect the most? Have you played any of these games on other platforms? What’s your opinion on them? Share your thoughts in a comment if you please. We’ll appreciate that.

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